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Timeless. Brilliant. Elegance.

Designs made for everyday or when extra sparkle is needed. Each piece is handcrafted with detailed precision in a wide variety of color and style choices. Snooty Jewelry, the perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe.

It's about excellence.


You know how nicknames go. My friends teased me about staying up until 2 AM to get the print on the cards perfect. To hand-twist wire turn-by-turn for each ring. For recycling every scrap. For pouring over details "no one would notice." 


Calling me "Snooty" became the exaggerated inside joke. Now you're in on it. It's only snooty if you want it to be. But I can promise my pieces will always be hand-crafted with a love for the process, and attention to every detail. My passion is to bring you beautiful, well-made products that reflect you and add sparkle. Products made with care for quality, the environment, and those who enjoy them.  I'm glad you stopped by -- welcome!

Would you like to carry Snooty Jewelry in your stores? Contact us!

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